Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Details {Inspiration}

First up, a little housekeeping. I keep forgetting to mention that I've pinned all the ideas I've been sharing on my blog on various Pinterest boards {normally titled the same thing as my blog post}. You can follow me on Pinterest here or just check out the boards for even more inspiration than I share on my blog.

I'm still battling the same cough. I feel pretty good most of the time {other than being annoyed at the cough}, so I guess it could be worse. I'm ready to be done with it though.

I just finished some wedding invitations for a bride that she loved. I'll share pictures as soon as I'm sure they're in the mail so I don't spoil her surprise. Up next, an aisle runner for a wedding with a fuchsia, black and damask themed wedding and a custom printable collection for a modern & fun baby shower. I love this part of my life! {If you're interested in party printables or custom aisle runners, you can check out my Etsy store or e-mail me for more information.}

Today, I thought I'd do an inspiration post on fun details I'd like to include around the new house. A lot of these things I like because they're cute/fun/creative/unique AND they serve a purpose. 

I love these barn doors inside houses. One of the things I hope to do with our new house is give it more of an old farmhouse look {it's less than 20 years old, the one we're moving from is over 70 years old}. I think these would be perfect. Plus, I love that it's just an interesting detail, and you don't have to account for the swing of a door when decorating or arranging furniture. It might just be perfect for the guest bathroom.

Dutch doors are awesome. Especially when you factor in kids. I have one on my office door at work {it's not nearly this cute} and I love it...my door can be open, but people don't automatically feel comfortable coming in to interrupt me. In our new house, I'd love to see this on the door to the basement {where the family room will eventually be} so it has more of an open feel, but doesn't automatically allow dogs or {someday} small children to run up and down the stairs.

Source: bhg.com via Jen on Pinterest

This beverage station is so cute! I already have a {smaller} spot picked out for this in our new kitchen. It will be right next to the fridge, and will house our Keurig, or standard coffee pot, k-cups, coffee, tea, drink mixes, cinnamon sticks, hot chocolate, marshmallows and anything else that I frequently use for making a drink. I don't particularly love the look of this one {not my style} but it is a fantastic idea! {And, it gives me a great excuse to go buy adorable, matching coffee mugs instead of the hodge podge I have now!}

Source: flickr.com via Jen on Pinterest

We love spending time outdoors with guests. We have a portable fire pit now that's smaller and still in great condition, but I love this built in one also. We'll have plenty of space to build it, and it just seems so much easier to have something like this rather that replacing the small, cheap ones every few years. I'd also love to figure out a way to incorporate some wood storage near the fire pit so we don't have to worry about finding cut, dry wood whenever we want to build a fire.

I pinned a self similar to this when I first joined Pinterest, and I've been pinning these kinds of things ever since. I hate the look of towel bars, so this is the perfect solution for our guest bathroom & master bathroom {in different styles, of course}. I'm so anal that even if drying towels aren't hung perfectly on a bar, I have to fix them. And you know there's always that spot that's still wet the next morning. It doesn't really matter how messy the towel is on a hook, it still looks great, and it drys my faster.

Source: leevalley.com via Jen on Pinterest

This is just genius, and it answers my issue with having drying space in the house. It's not very noticeable when it's retracted, and it would meet my needs for having a ton of drying space but nowhere to store all those collapsible drying racks. I'll have a clothesline outside as well, but with Nebraska winters being so unpredictable and long, I'm definitely going to need an indoor solution as well.

You can find these pins on my New House? Board on Pinterest. If home decor isn't your thing, I've got a lot of inspiration for crafts, party themes, wedding, photography and recipes pinned as well.

I'll be back tomorrow with an update to my 112 in 2012 goals list for March. Have a great day everyone!

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