Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bathroom Inspiration

I've spent the last couple of days cleaning and decluttering, and as exhausted as I am, I'm really in the mood to clean and organize anything I can get my hands on.

One place in particular that storage and organization are key, at least for me, is in the bathroom {I read on a blog somewhere that a family called it the "Necessary Room". I love that! In my head, I picture a proper Southern woman saying that. I'm trying to get it to catch on in my farm house in the Midwest. So far, no luck with the husband or the dogs. Hmm...}

Anyway...the new house has 4 bathrooms. I don't need 4 bathrooms, but I'll have them. The current house has 2 bathrooms: one on the main floor that's used for everything, and one in the basement that has the only shower in the house. It's inconvenient and both are too small even for just Mike & me. So, I'm really looking forward to having more space at the new house.

 Master Bath
The master bath currently has double sinks, one large mirror, a walk in shower with a glass door, and a linen closet. It's fairly large {especially compared to our existing bathroom}, so there's plenty of potential. The keys for us when we're looking at changes are:
  • Plenty of storage off the counter
  • Great lighting
  • Relaxing, pleasing decor
Believe it or not, that last one is pretty important for me. Considering showering, hair, make-up and dressing, not to mention other necessary things, I spend more time in the bathroom on weekdays than I do any other room in our house. Keep in mind I'm not home all that much, but come on. The bathroom?!?

Alright, enough rambling, on to pretty pictures that inspire me...

These first two pretties are from Pottery Barn and entirely out of my price range, but I love the open storage at the bottom and all the drawers & doors for hidden storage. I also love the two smaller mirrors hung above each sink, rather than one large mirror. And the lighting on the second picture is amazing, even if I don't think it would work well in our space.

Source: google.com via Jen on Pinterest

This photo is pretty similar to the two above, but the lighting would suit our needs in this particular set-up. I also just noticed the coat rack to the left of the sink, which I imagine is for hanging towels. What a cute idea if you have the space!

I won't delve too much into organization in this post {but I will in a later "Organization Inspiration" post}. However...I love this. I'm definitely one of those people who has a lot of little things that I need in the bathroom, and nowhere to put them. Which means I end up chasing bobby pins down the drain or hunting for just the right eye shadow in my huge makeup bag. This drawer is awesome!

Source: houzz.com via Jen on Pinterest

Hello, dream bathroom. I love the flooring, the shower, the hardware, the lighting, the neutral colors, the woodwork...I could go on and on.
Guest Bath

The guest bath will have a lot of functions in it's little life with our family. It will be the main bathroom used by guests who are just visiting, will probably be the designated bath for people who are staying over {though it doesn't have a shower...}, and will eventually be the closest bathroom to where our kids' room will be. That's a lot of responsibility for one little bathroom. And don't even ask me what I'm doing about the shower issue quite yet, because I don't have an answer. This bathroom has a tub, and there's a bathroom off the laundry room that has a shower...they may have to work together to get our guests ready for the day.

Anyway, here's some inspiration for the guest bathroom:

I adore everything about this bathroom. The sink is what caught my eye originally, but the little shelf under the mirror is great, the lighting is awesome, the subway tile is exactly what I want, the repurposed plant stand...all of it is so great.

I love the idea of pampering guests if we have the chance. It's also really practical to have some necessities out in the open. One of my favorite aspects of our wedding were little guest baskets I put in the restrooms so guests could help themselves to bobby pins, hair spray, first aid items, feminine products, body spray, shout wipes, aspirin, etc. I think the same should be true at my home...they can get what they need without having to ask or rummage through the drawers!

Source: ana-white.com via Jen on Pinterest

This is adorable, a great idea, and almost makes me want to have kids!

Again, these are great, practical ideas. I hate staying at someone's house and having to awkwardly ask them where to find towels. In either of these bathrooms, there's no guessing. I looks like in the first picture the home owners even included some shampoos, soaps and other things to pamper their guests.

Lots of inspiration and lots of rambling from me. Now here's a question for you: what features do you think are absolutely necessarily in the perfectly organized bathroom? Leave me a comment and tell me your must-haves!

Have a great day everyone!

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