Monday, March 19, 2012

Entry Way Inspiration

I posted back in November that we had purchased a new house, and then I took my break from blogging and never got back to things. Without going into a ton of detail, we decided not to purchase the house, and it looks like we'll be moving in to Mike's parents' house sometime this summer or fall. We were terribly upset when we had to make the decision, but in the end, it will be best for everyone involved.

That being said, the move to their house has gotten my creative juices flowing with ideas of what I'd like to do to make sure we have a beautiful, organized, and functioning home for us. I'm very inspired by opportunities for fresh starts and this is a big one in our family. So, I thought over the course of the next few weeks, I'd share with you some of the ideas I've been pinning on Pinterest and collecting in my notes. Once we're in the house, I can hopefully share with you before and after photos and stories as we make the house feel like home.

By the way, if you follow me on Pinterest, you can see most of these ideas and more than I'll share here.

Our entry way has to serve a lot of functions, even without throwing kids into the mix. Things get dropped there, shoes get taken off, we need to have a place for the mail, and so on. In our case, it can't be anything too dainty because we've got furry {often muddy} dogs and a {often muddy} husband coming in the house from doing animal chores.

Our current entry way is more of a back porch, but everyone comes in through there. I realized that I don't have even one picture of it because it's kind of small and pathetic. We have a tiny little coat closet and maybe 4 feet by 6 feet to work with for space. I think that's being generous. Needless to say, it doesn't function for us except as a place to drop shoes.

So, at the new house, I'm hoping for something a little more like these inspiration pictures:

There's a lot I love about this one {it's first on my list for a reason}. The space for shoes under the bench is great...in my head, each person in the family has their own cubby. The oversized hooks for coats and bags look like they would hold a lot of weight and they still look great. The baskets on top with the chalkboard tags could be assigned to each member of the family for things like hats and gloves, or they could hold collections of things. The set of drawers on the left is really cute and would provide a great mail drop-off.

I like the openness of this one, though I'm actually craving something more established when we build ours. I do love the numbers above the hooks so each person knows which hook is theirs.

Here's another great one. I love the symmetry of the small cabinets on either end, and the long bench with shoes under it {again, my version wold have more cubbies so each person could have a spot}. I love the corbels and the board and batten to make it feel like a piece of furniture. There's obviously plenty of storage space available over the hooks as well.

Source: ana-white.com via Jen on Pinterest

This entry way was done on a budget, and I think it looks just as cute as the others. The bench is made from kitchen cabinets and the shelves are from Ikea. Oy, I wish we had Ikea close by, I really miss it from when I was living in Phoenix.

And finally, an asymmetrical version. I have a feeling something like this might work best for us when I take into consideration where I want our new "entry way" to be built. I like the look of the individual "lockers", but I'm afraid that might be too confining, especially when we pull out the bulky coats to make it through Nebraska winters.

Now that you've seen/read about what I'm thinking, is there anything I've missed? What are some of your must-haves for entry storage, organization and functionality? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think is most important!

Have a great day, all!

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