Thursday, November 03, 2011

Don't Forget Thanksgiving!

Source: piccsy.com via Jess on Pinterest

So I saw this on my friend Jess' Pinterest board {and several times after} and couldn't help but laugh. And then I saw this and pinned it:

Now, don't get me wrong. I adore Christmas. I'm pretty sure I posted about decorating in September. Yup, I did.  At my "real" job, we're thinking about Christmas in August or September. For crafty projects, I'm normally trying to think about it before then. For personal stuff...well, I fit it in where I can.

But, when I walked into Hobby Lobby back during the Week in the Life project in late July and saw Christmas decorations...well, that was it for me. July?? Are you kidding me. What about back to school, tailgating, Halloween & Thanksgiving? Are they just chopped living compared to Christmas?

So, in honor of not forgetting about Thanksgiving, I thought I'd post some Pinspiration {ha, I crack myself up!} for fall and Thanksgiving.

I just love everything about this. The wreaths, the mirrors, the way the mirrors are hung. I'd love to have this in my new entry way next year {we'll move in just before Christmas}.

This banner is great...very rustic, my preferred style of fall decorating.

I actually think this might be a little cuter {and more universally fall} without the "thanks" lettering on the bottles, but overall, it's a really cute vignette.

I love everything about this. I wish I had a table big enough for something like this...one day, in my dream home, I will!

I think it's so easy to forget about living in the moment and look ahead to things that have to get done or that are more exciting than a holiday that doesn't include caroling or candy canes or piles of presents. But by rushing by, I fear that people are missing out on the opportunity to give thanks for the blessings in their everyday life.

Plus, stuffing and pumpkin pie are really quite delightful!

Happy Wednesday, all!

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