Tuesday, April 12, 2011


These photos have nothing to do with the post, except that I wish I was writing from my patio with a cup of coffee next to me, instead of from a desk.

I really didn't mean for almost two weeks to pass before I blogged. Seriously, that time flew by (I thought it hadn't been more than a few days.)

We have been so busy these past 10 days or so, both with work and with our personal lives. I say we need some time off, but that seems to fly by too and I feel like we waste it, even though I know we need to relax.

We travelled to Cozad and attended Brent & Saranne's beautiful wedding. I couldn't be happier for them, they're such a great couple and so obviously in love. Cozad is a really cute little town too...I love small-town Nebraska.

I spent the majority of my time last week working in my craft room when I wasn't working in my office. It seems like I'm moving from one project to the next, which I really love, and my to-do list just keeps growing in the meantime (which I'm not so sure I love). Right now, I'm working on the Nest mini album, a thank-you card order, and wedding invitations. Here's the sample that the bride & groom chose (though we'll be making a few adjustments to it shortly...)

Forgive the quality of this picture...I had to pull it from the PDF of the invitation samples I had sent

That one of my favorite things about making wedding invitations - they're completely customized. That was big when I planned my wedding - I wanted little details that no one else had.

In other news:
  • We added 10 more cows to our bunch, bringing our total to 13 for the summer. I'm thinking (hoping) my husband is done with cows for the season, but who knows with him.
  • Molly and Abby are LOVING the spring weather. The ticks are loving Molly and Abby. Disgusting, right? This is something we've gone through every summer with Molly, but fortunately, her coat isn't terribly thick. Abby, on the other hand, is a husky. She seems to pick up everything with her coat. I start to panic around this time of year (although it seems earlier than ever) because Molly had Lyme disease her first summer on the farm, and I never want either of the puppies to have to deal with that again. It was horrible.
  • We've been hosting a furniture sale at work for the last couple of weeks, and I was able to score some really awesome pieces for not a lot of money. I figure if they're inexpensive, I can experiment with painting them.
  • In painting news, I actually got color samples up on my walls in my dining room and picked a shade of gray I think we'll love. Just have to go buy the paint one of these nights and get started getting it on the walls!
  • Omaha has been building a new ballpark downtown for the last couple of years (much controversy I won't get into), but we drove by it the other day on the way to the airport, and it is beautiful! Mike was able to get us tickets to the first game that will be played there (Nebraska vs. Creighton), and I can't wait to go! (And I really don't like baseball, so that's saying something)

And, finally, the most exciting thing to happen to us in awhile...

Mike won a cruise!!!

Yup, how awesome is that?? His work was having some contest, and his name was pulled from the hat (along with 9 other people). We haven't gotten the details yet, but what we know right now is that we can basically go anywhere we want for 3 nights/4 days, and we have a year to use it. I'm trying not to look too hard until we actually know what the restrictions are, but we would both love to go to Alaska. We know that cruise won't qualify for the 3day/4night restrictions, but are hoping that we're able to upgrade for a reasonable price and head there this summer. (And if we can't, then who the heck are we to complain about a Caribbean cruise?) We were both shocked that he won (heck, I didn't even know about the contest!), but feeling so blessed that he did. I can't wait to know more of the details so we can start planning our trip!

That's all for today! I hope everyone has a wonderful day :)

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