Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Official.

We're getting old.

Mike and I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with my best friend, Melissa, and her husband Danny. Melissa's birthday was Tuesday, so we wanted to treat her to dinner. Plus, we don't see her nearly as often as we'd like to, so I'll take any chance I can get to hang out with her.

Mike & I live in the middle of nowhere, as I've said, so it takes us about an hour to 90 minutes to get to the city we work in, and just a little farther to my hometown (where my family and most of my friends still live). As a general rule - if we have the day off, we won't drive to Omaha for any reason. So, that should tell you how special Melissa is since we went back to my hometown to have dinner with her :)

Here's the part where we're getting old. In preparation for our big night out, I tried to take a nap. 3 hours after getting up for the day. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

We got home around 11:30pm, and we were both completely exhausted. My normal bedtime is 9pm. I see nothing wrong with appreciating a good night's sleep. Nothing.

Mike reminded me on the drive home that I call myself a night owl. When we first started dating, I used to keep Mike up til all hours, talking about absolutely nothing, just because I wanted to spend time with him.

When did it happen that I started to get old? What things have changed in your life that have made you realize you're aging?

And since I forgot to take my camera...I can't even share pictures of our fantastic dinner and my very bestest friend ever. I can tell her one more time though....Happy Birthday, Melissa!!

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