Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi all!

I'm back...sort of... :)

Gather opened on Saturday, and let me tell you...it was one of the most exhausting, exciting, stressful, and fun moments of my life! We had a great turnout, met new friends, had a lot of fun and laughs, and even made some sales {which, I realize, is the point of opening a store}.

I was literally finishing up the last details as we opened, and still didn't get a ton of things done that I had wanted to, so I didn't get many photos of our displays. I have a couple of thoughts on that. 1) If you made it to the opening, then you got to see what everyone else didn't, and 2) there will be so many more new things and many more new pictures at our July Gathering. I can't even tell you how much stuff I had in the back that just needed to be finished up, so I know next month is going to be even better!

Here are just a few pictures I took with Instagram throughout the day:

My only regret throughout the whole experience was that I just didn't have enough time...I could have used one or two more days to get everything out onto the floor, and to take some pictures and maybe even shoot a video tour of the store. But...there's always next month, right?

Many thanks to everyone who came to support me on my first day...so many friends and family members showed up and made the day that much more special. Thanks to the village of Elmwood for welcoming me with open arms. Thanks also to Drizzles Bakery {opening soon!} for the yummy cookies and cupcakes - they were a hit!

In other {related} news, I'm closing my Etsy store for a few days to get things from Gather listed into my Etsy boutique so you can shop anytime. I will let everyone know when it reopens in case you're interested in taking a peek.

Our next Gathering will be Saturday, July 14 from 10am - 5pm!
I hope to see you there!!


  1. Jen, i love the window pane and other goodies i purchased. It made its way onto the wall in our apt. :) Best of luck to you!

  2. Wonderful! Wishing I lived closer...though I'd be broke in a day!! Congratulations! XOXO